The Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) fosters instructional innovation, active learning, and high-quality teaching and learning opportunities by providing instructional resources, technology and support in multi-use student-centered learning environments on the UW-Madison campus.


What’s New

Welcome to our new website! (Sept 1, 2015)

We have launched our new website. Thank you for your patience during this transition. Any feedback you have to offer is appreciated.

Fall Semester (Sept 1, 2015)

Fall Semester starts Wed, Sept 2. You can view the Course Schedule for courses held in WisCEL.

Educational Innovation (Sept 1, 2015)

The vision of Educational Innovation (EI) is to lead the university in providing an innovative, accessible and inclusive learning environment that fosters highly engaged learners capable of addressing the challenges of the modern world.

Visit the new Educational Innovation website.

Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning (Sept 1, 2015)

The Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning (VPTL) works in collaboration with deans and other academic leaders across campus to provide leadership, coordination and administrative support for the teaching and learning mission of UW-Madison. The VPTL leads campus-wide activity in assessment, advising and academic enrichment including the Wisconsin Experience. In addition, the VPTL supports accreditation, faculty and staff teaching development and academic achievement for diverse groups of learners.

Visit the new Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning website.

Libraries (Sept 1, 2015)
WisCEL partners with College Library and Wendt Commons. Visit the new University of Wisconsin-Maidon Libraries website.


Active Learning Articles

University learning: Improve undergraduate science education (July 15, 2015)

It is time to use evidence-based teaching practices at all levels by providing incentives and effective evaluations, urge Stephen E. Bradforth, Emily R. Miller and colleagues.

Bradforth, Stephen E., et al. “University learning: Improve undergraduate science education” Nature 523 (2015): 282-284.

“Active Role in Class Helps Black and First-Generation College Students” (September 2, 2014)

This article is related to the benefits of active learning on closing the achievement gap.

Pérez Peña, Richard. “Active Role in Class Helps Black and First-Generation College Students, Study Says” New York Times (2014).

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