The Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) fosters instructional innovation, active learning, and high-quality teaching and learning opportunities by providing instructional resources, technology and support in multi-use student-centered learning environments on the UW-Madison campus.


  What’s New at WisCEL

We’ve updated the WisCEL website for October:

  • WisCEL has a new home on campus. We are now part of the new UW-Madison Collaborative for Advancing Teaching and Learning in the Office of the Provost.
  • WisCEL will be celebrating Active Learning Day (#ActiveLearningDay) on Tuesday, October 25. To learn more about this initiative from The White house, click here.
  • On October 21, WisCEL held a New WisCEL Instructor Learning Community Session. The next session will be held on November 18 from 1:30-2:30 in Wendt 410B. If you missed the first session, you can find the information that we covered here.
  • WisCEL’s David Moe has taken a new position at the UW School of Medicine. Technology support at Wendt WisCEL Center is now provided by the WisCEL Support Desk staff and new team member, David Korab of CAE.
  • On the Publications of Interest page, you will find the WisCEL Course Review Summary from the 2015-2016 Academic Year.
  • In Around Campus, we feature DoIT Academic Technology’s Faculty Engagement Opportunities, such as: Active Teaching Lab, Designing Learning Experiences Studio, Blend@UW, Active Learning in the Classroom, and Blended Learning Toolkit.
  • We introduce new WisCEL instructors at Wendt WisCEL Center as our Person of the Month. In November, we plan to feature the new WisCEL instructors at College WisCEL Center.
  • Wendt Commons Construction Spring 2017 Update



              Around Campus

Upcoming events and campus opportunities sponsored by WisCEL and UW-Madison teaching and learning partners.

  • Active Teaching Lab (Nov 4)
  • EI Brown Bag Series (Nov 9)
  • Active Teaching Lab (Nov 11)



        Publications of Interest

Articles, news, research, website links and other resources on topics (such as active learning, instructional technology and innovation) of interest to the WisCEL community.


Felix Lu (ECE 230)

          Person of the Month

This October, WisCEL features the new Wendt WisCEL instructors, collectively, as our Person of the Month. Catherine Woodward (Botany 265), Bret Larget (Botany 575), Briana Burton (Microbiology 470), Laurie Riley (EMA 201) and Felix Lu (ECE 230) are all featured.

Find out more about the October Person of the Month feature here.

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