The Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) fosters instructional innovation, active learning, and high-quality teaching and learning opportunities by providing instructional resources, technology and support in multi-use student-centered learning environments on the UW-Madison campus.


  What’s New at WisCEL

WisCEL is still accepting applications for Summer Semester 2018 to teach in active learning classrooms in the WisCEL Centers. Also, there are still some times available for Fall 2018. Contact us if you are interested in teaching in WisCEL next Fall.

Apply to teach in WisCEL

  • For new WisCEL courses, apply here.
  • For returning WisCEL courses, renew your application here.

Apply to teach in COE Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) (3rd floor Wendt)

COE is coordinating with WisCEL to schedule these classrooms. Only COE engineering courses may apply to teach in the COE ALC classrooms on the 3rd floor of Wendt Commons. Applications will be reviewed and approved by COE and WisCEL staff to determine the best classroom fit, technology needs and scheduling time.

Wendt 3rd floor COE ALC

  • For new COE ALC courses, apply here.
  • For returning COE ALC courses, renew your application here.

Please email with any questions.



              Around Campus

Upcoming events and campus opportunities sponsored by WisCEL and UW-Madison teaching and learning partners.


UW – Madison is transitioning to Canvas, a learning management system designed to create a more intuitive and efficient platform for students and instructors to access specific course information and learning aids. If you are interested in learning more about Canvas and how it can be used to best suit the needs of your course, the University offers several workshops to introduce Canvas features and applications. Some of these workshops include:

    • Canvas Demonstration: What is Canvas
    • Getting Started with Canvas
    • Teaching Effectively in Canvas: Designing for Social Learning
    • Managing Grades in Canvas
    • Canvas Open Lab

Upcoming Canvas Workshops

Active Teaching Labs and Exchanges

UW-Madison is offering  Spring 2018 Active Teaching Labs and Exchanges.

Active teaching labs provide a safe space to hear UW-Madison Instructors’ experiences using teaching tools and techniques to motivate, engage and more effectively teach the idverse range of students we encounter. Labs are open to all and held weekly during the academic year. Fine out more information at: Spring 2018 Active Teaching Labs.

Active Teaching Exchanges are a close relative to labs in that both focus on instructor experiences, help  participants understand a tool or method, and provide opportunity for folks to discuss and envision use in their courses. Exchanges are different than labs in that they highlight techniques or more advanced technologies that don’t always lend themselves to individualized hands-on investigation via a guided Activity Sheet. These are focused more on teaching techniques, with facilitated discussions on how technology can support and help scale what are often energy-intensive good teaching practices. Exchanges are open to all and held weekly during the academic year. Find out more information at: Spring 2018 Active Teaching Exchanges.

_________________________________________________________             Spring 2018 WisCEL Courses

College WisCEL Center

COM ARTS 575, Applied Problem Solving in Organization Communication
JOURN 563, Law of Mass Communication
KINES 235, Human Physiology and Health
PSYCH 505, Depth Topic in Biological Science
MATH 96, Preparatory Algebra
MATH 112, College Algebra

Wendt WisCEL Center

B M E 201, Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals and Design
B M E 310, Bioinstrumentation
BLEND, Learning Spaces Fellowship Program
CH E 255, Introduction to Chemical Process Modeling
CIV ENGR 320, Environmental Engineering
COMP SCI 402, Introducing CS to K-12 Students
E C E 203, Signals, Information, and Computation
E C E 219, Analytical Methods for Electromagnetics Engineering
E C E 230, Circuit Analysis
E C E 252, Intro to Computer Engineering
E C E 330, Signals and Systems
E C E 352, Digital System Fundamentals
E C E 377, Fundamentals of Electrical and Electro-mechanical Power Conversion
E M A 201, Engineering Mechanics: Statics
N E 506, Practicum in Monte Carlo Radiation Transport


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