The Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning (WisCEL) fosters instructional innovation, active learning, and high-quality teaching and learning opportunities by providing instructional resources, technology and support in multi-use student-centered learning environments on the UW-Madison campus.


What’s New at WisCEL

WisCEL is now accepting applications for Fall Semester 2018 to teach in active learning classrooms in the WisCEL Centers at College Library and Wendt Commons or the
COE Active Learning Classrooms (ALC).

Applications for Fall Semester 2018 are due December 1, 2017

Apply to teach in WisCEL

Applications to teach in a WisCEL Center at College Library or Wendt Commons for the Fall 2018 semester are due December 1.

  • For new WisCEL courses, apply here.
  • For returning WisCEL courses, renew your application here.

Apply to teach in COE Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) (3rd floor Wendt)

COE is coordinating with WisCEL to schedule these classrooms. Only COE engineering courses may apply to teach in the COE ALC classrooms on the 3rd floor of Wendt Commons. Applications will be reviewed and approved by COE and WisCEL staff to determine the best classroom fit, technology needs and scheduling time.

Applications to teach in a Wendt 3rd floor COE ALC for the Fall 2018 semester are due December 1.

  • For new COE ALC courses, apply here.
  • For returning COE ALC courses, renew your application here.

Please email with any questions.



Around Campus

Upcoming events and campus opportunities sponsored by WisCEL and UW-Madison teaching and learning partners.


UW – Madison is transitioning to Canvas, a learning management system designed to create a more intuitive and efficient platform for students and instructors to access specific course information and learning aids. If you are interested in learning more about Canvas and how it can be used to best suit the needs of your course, the University offers several workshops to introduce Canvas features and applications. Some of these workshops include:

    • Canvas Demonstration: What is Canvas
    • Getting Started with Canvas
    • Teaching Effectively in Canvas: Designing for Social Learning
    • Managing Grades in Canvas
    • Canvas Open Lab

Upcoming Workshops


Fall 2017 Semester Courses

College WisCEL Center

COUN PSY 125                          A Wisconsin Experience Seminar
GERMAN/JEWISH 267                Yiddish Song
INTEG SCI 100                          Exploring Biology
KINES 235                                Human Physiology and Health
MATH 96                                   Preparatory Algebra
MATH 112                                 College Algebra

Wendt WisCEL Center

SOC 138                                   Sociology of Gender (Sterling Hall)
BOTANY 265                              Rainforests and Coral Reefs FIG
BME 315                                   Introduction to Biomechanics
BME 601                                   Biomedical Student Advisory Committee
CBE/CHEM 562                          Physical Chemistry
CIV ENGR 320                           Environmental Engineering
COMP SCI 202                           Introduction to Computation
COMP SCI 402                           Introducing CS to K-12 Students
COUN PSY 125                           A Wisconsin Experience Seminar
ECE 203                                    Signals, Information, and Computation
ECE 219                                    Analytical Methods for Electromagnetics
ECE 230                                    Circuit Analysis
ECE 252                                    Intro to Computer Engineering
ECE 320                                    Electrodynamics II
ECE 330                                    Signals and Systems
ECE 340                                    Intro to Microelectronics
ECE 352                                    Digital System Fundamentals
ECE 377                                    Fundamentals of Electrical and                                                                 Electromechanical Power Conversion
ECE 431                                    Digital Signal Processing
ECE/ME 439                              Introduction to Robotics
ECE/COMP SCI 552                    Introduction to Computer Architecture
EMA 201                                   Engineering Mechanics: Statics
EP 271                                      Engineering Problem Solving with                                                             Computers
GENETICS/MD GENETICS 677     Evolutionary Systems Biology
INTEG SCI 375                          Special Topics in Integrated Science
INTEREGR 150                           ULC PrEPS Lab
JOURN 404                                Interpretation of Contemporary Affairs
MICROBIO 470                           Microbial Genetics and Molecular Motors
PL PATH 311                              Global Food Security


Thank you to all students, faculty, and staff for successful Spring and Summer 2017 Semesters!

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